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The news is that I am late with this! Apologies to those who signed up. Life has been busy / exciting / perplexing and I am writing this from the queue for the ferry to Netherlands with my friend Dr Theresa Emmerich Kamper (@traditional_leather on Instagram) as I am assiting her in France later this month. When I get back I will start the promised mailing list with courses, classes, giveaways and more.

For now you can book for my upcoming natural art materials 4 day course at

You can also sign up for my online watercolour course at

There’s a watercolour and ink day course in person at The Albatross Totnes in October.

I am also booking 121 and group Zoom and in person classes for any aspect of my work you’d like to learn. Drop me a line via the contact form.

And I am also going to have a few days holiday in France and take some time out to draw and read. Greeting from the ferry port. Back next month.

Watercolour making

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