Grave Goods

Grave goods, 2014 – ongoing, various materials

Grave Goods constitutes a major thread of my artistic practice. For over 7 years I have been making a series of objects including sword, garments, baskets, knives, cups, footwear, jewellery and ritual items that, if I am lucky enough to have a say in my ultimate end, will be buried with me and return to earth when I do. From a bronze sword to deerskin clothes, a foraged materials apple basket to oak gall ink inscribed shoes, everything is made from natural materials by my own hands, and is not toxic if laid in the earth. Each few months something is added to the goods, or renewed, or made better, and it is an ongoing work that will last the rest of my life. By definition it cannot be sold or given away, although it can be shown. I will show these things at Borrowed Time at Dartington this autumn. The sword and knife are not spurious ‘re-enactment type’ articles, I teach sword and other martial arts, and use knives in my making-work daily, and as such they reflect me as much as any garments or basket.