May 2022

Spring is such a time of growth, and it is good to see the local trees filling out with leaves. Yesterday brought welcome rain and lightning, and today the air is fresh. This week I will go to Dartington to teach With my Dark Mountain colleagues where I will be sharing simple ways to get ourselves into our hands and the land via the language of touch.

I am preparing lots of ochres and am selling them publicly for the first time. If you’d like some, head over to my Instagram until I set up an online shop here this summer.

Now restrictions are completely lifted, I am teaching small groups and 121s at a venue in Bournemouth, Dorset. Get in touch if you would like a morning or a day learning natural pigments, paint making, ink making, drawing, and so much more.

This time of year is great for foraging my wild materials: feathers, ironstone, ochre, chalk, shells and cordage fibres. Here’s a recent selection from a great morning walk with my nephews. All good wishes to you, Caro.

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