Found and Ground Art Materials Courses

It’s been a while since I have written here, and now it is time to catch you up with everything that’s been happening since the fire in May 2021 that destroyed my studio, half my belongings and sent me away from living on the River Thames after 8 years. No one was hurt, and I have spent time getting the help I needed to be well, supported by great family and friends.

I returned to my hometown of Bournemouth. Kind people from all over the world sent me ochres, galls, pestles, gums and good wishes. The natural pigment community have been amazing. To all of them, thankyou! Since then I have been out gathering, foraging and re-making. Putting into practice what I have been learning and teaching all these last years.

Now I will be teaching wonderful courses at Dartington where you can come and learn my methods and delve a little deeper into natural materials. The courses are suitable for all, and we’ll be foraging, making and using everything we can get our hands on: ochre, sticks, feathers and so much more.

In October and November 2021 I taught about sustainable practice online at the Illustration MA at Falmouth Uni, Gave a talk about my Grave Goods at Borrowed Time conference, and made a film of live drawings in charcoal for a piece by Mat Osmond.

I’ll be back here more regularly from now on, and would like to take a moment to wish you a fruitful and peaceful autumn. More good news from me soon about something that is secret for now!

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