When the Mountain Speaks With Us

When the Mountain Speaks with Us.

Please join me and Dark Mountain Project collegues for a five week delve into how and why we can create in times such as these. How we can hear beyond and beneath the human chatter deeper into life, land, and the more than human by paying attention in ways that are ancient but may be new to us.

Go to Dartington.org for more details and for booking. This iteration of the course will be held online and all people are welcome, wherever you are.

What we four hold in common, but express though diverse arts, is the desire to return language to its right place, in, of, and for earth. Great nature writer Nick Hunt, author of Where the Wild Winds Are, will be teaching with story and follwing the winds. Charlotte DuCann, author of 52 Flowers That Shook My World, and regular Editor /producer of Dark Mountain books will be teaching with Myth, and looking at the underside of all things.

Plant use, lore and knowledge teacher Mark Watson will be working with myriad plants and our connection to them. His enthusiasm and depth of understanding are deeply inspiring. I’ll be guiding us with earth itself: rocks, sticks, feathers, wood, iron, clay, bark – that we can all find but perhaps never looked for, or glimpsed only en route to ‘finer things.’

Story, myth, plants and earth will be brought together to reweave us, transform our language, and perhaps, if we are lucky, create a bright banner underwhich we humans, and our other-than-human neighbours can sit together and really, truly converse.

We would love you to join us. Click here

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