Infra Dig

Sailing again with The Wild Pigment Project.

This month’s offering of ochres with Ground Bright pigment subscription came from me, or rather, from me and my dirt friends. Unable to travel due to lockdown, two pigment pals in the area I was due to visit gathered some earths for me so I could prepare them at home and send them to Tilke to post all round the world.

If you go to Tilke’s website you can read the essay I wrote called ‘Infra dig’, weaving in solidarity, colonialism, invasions, belonging, the dignity of manual work and some good working class and musical history too. Plenty about Bristol and the west country.

22% of proceeds from my ochres will go to @landinournames , a great UK Black grassroots organisation campaigning for land and land access for BPOC here in Britain. I wholeheartedly support their work. By which I mean, I tell people about them and I donate money.

You can subscribe to Ground Bright pigments too and little envelopes of shining colour will magically appear each month in your mail. It’s an unalloyed good.

Thanks to Tilke for inviting me to contribute colour, but also for the opportunity to put some of my thoughts down in a letter to you, my pigment friends.

Thanks also to Anya Byg and Nina Cadzow for digging the dirt!

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