Winter is the time for roots

I have probably one more day of laptop-chained work until this site is ready, full of new work, upcoming courses and even wild materials for sale. It feels like the last year has been a time for taking stock, not just for me, but for so many millions of creators the world over. In conversations with friends who are musicians, writers, comedians, dancers, I hear the same thing: we have needed time to rest, recuperate and regroup, in order to make fresh work that meets the new times. Part of this attending to the roots, is getting my website and studio sorted in time for the end of January, always a liminal time for me, as it is my birthday. Right in the cold depth of winter in the northern hemisphere, my ‘one more time around the sun’ day comes, and like mythical Janus, I look forward and backward for a day, and get a glimpse of paths taken and paths ahead.

I hope this find you well, and rested, and if you are lucky, full of ideas for your work and life.

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